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Beach Day

Get swept away by the sweet and salty flavors of this sea-inspired scoop.

An Ocean of Flavor

Inspired by the perfect beach day, this sweet & salty scoop has sea salted vanilla flavored ice cream, milk chocolate flavored caramel-filled sea turtles, and a crunchy graham cracker sand swirl. Goes great with Creature Creations®!

Blue Salted Vanilla Flavored Ice Cream

This beautifully blue ice cream is made with real sea salt from the Pacific Ocean.

Crunchy Graham Cracker Sand Swirl

A swirl of graham cracker adds a craveable crunch.

Milk Chocolate Flavored Caramel-Filled Sea Turtles

Swim into sweetness with these delicious sea turtles.

Pairs Perfectly with the Newest Creature Creations®

For a limited time only, level up a scoop of Beach Day with our new Shark, Dolphin, and Sea Turtle Creature Creations®!

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