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Chick'n & Waffles​

0% Chicken; 100% Delicious​

Crazy? More Like Crazy Good

Sweet buttermilk waffle flavored ice cream packed with crispy chick’n & waffle flavored bites wrapped in a bourbon maple syrup flavored swirl.​

Buttermilk Waffle flavored Ice Cream

Creamy buttermilk waffle flavored ice cream

Crispy Chick'n & Waffle flavored Bites

Savory chick'n & waffle flavored bites pack the brunch punch​

Bourbon Maple Syrup flavored Swirl

A sweet kick of bourbon maple syrup flavored swirls​

Sweet Meets Savory

The comforting crunch of fried chick'n coupled with the creamy taste of buttermilk waffles creates the perfect combo of sweet and savory. Perfect for those who brunch adventurously. 0% chicken, 100% delicious.

So Cluck'n Good

Prepare to have your mind (and tastebuds!) blown. Our March Flavor of the Month: Chick'n & Waffles. It's breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert all in one! Order online and use code MADNESS for $2 off a Fresh-Pack*.​


*Terms apply. See checkout for details.

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